We're making any experience possible

Oasis VR is building A network of virtual reality facilities providing experiential content. Our goal is to maximize the VR experience and explore the possibilities of VR without the restrictions of a consumer device.

  • 1:1 interactions

    Using mapped props with a 1:1 correspondence between the virtual and real world enhances the user's sense of presence.

  • Real Movement

    Using the user's actual movements as inputs for the game reduces cyber sickness and increases presence.

  • Dedicated Space

    Providing a known capture volume to developers allows content on our system to maximize the utility of space in VR.

  • Controlled Space

    All elements of the user experience can be controlled and fine-tuned.

  • Low Cost

    Users will be able to experience premium VR at a fraction of the price of regular VR.

  • Simplicity

    We can offer amazing experiences to everyone, including the people that don't want to buy a complex VR system.

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